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The World Of Dance In Your Living Room

YouthDance Education Trust (YET) are excited to announce that Wellington’s International Dance Day (IDD) celebrations will be coming straight to your home.

On Sunday 26 April the public in their bubbles are invited to celebrate International Dance Day with FREE online dance workshops. Participants will be able to try out different dance styles from soulful rhythms of Africa to the magic of Bulgarian Folk dances; kids can rock it out with an epic beach party, there is a danzability class for seniors and more – all from the comfort of their own home!

YET is a trust made up of local volunteers dedicated to sharing the joy of all dance forms and this year we are celebrating 20 years of International Dance Day Wellington.

COVID-19 has restricted our ability to physically connect with those outside our bubbles, but these online workshops will provide an opportunity for people to participate and connect with one another from home. We know the physical, social and emotional wellbeing that comes through dance, which is now needed more than ever.

From 9am – 5.30pm people can jump online and take part in this series of short dance workshops hosted by the local Wellington dance community. This is a chance for you to really dance like no one is watching!

IDD performer and regular tutor, Jenny Bloomfield says, “It is something which I believe in, to create access to dance opportunities for everyone regardless of finances and to be part of a huge free event that gives access to the general public to discover through workshops and performance so many different styles was a really special thing.”


This year YET have included a programme of dance films which will be screened online on April 29, the official UNESCO International Dance Day where dance will be celebrated worldwide. YET have been producing IDD Wellington as a free community event since 2000 as a way to bring together the culturally and creatively diverse Wellington community to share, learn and celebrate in the joy of dance.

International Dance Day Online 
Sunday 26 April, 9am – 5.30pm
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Dance Workshop Schedule (Each workshop runs for 30 minutes)

9am KIDS ZUMBA with Ani Prasad

10am MADAGASCAN DANCE with Lala Simpson

11am DANZABILITY with Rachel Horwell

12pm HAWAIIAN DANCE with Liora Noy

1pm HIP HOP with Braedyn Togi

2pm SIVA SAMOA with Jayden Lupao

3pm BULGARIAN FOLK DANCE with Lilia Petrova

4pm AFRICAN DANCE with Jenny Bloomfield

5pm CONTEMPORARY with Sacha Copeland



Celebrate the world of dance in Wellington

Celebrate the world of dance in Wellington with YouthDance Education Trust’s International Dance Day

Caraka Seni: Photo, Alexander Garside

YouthDance Education Trust (YET) will be celebrating 20 years with their annual International Dance Day (IDD) event at Te Papa this April.

On April 26 Te Papa will be buzzing with dance activity to commemorate the UNESCO World Dance Day, which aims to bring communities together through the common language of dance. For the past 20 years YET have been curating a diverse programme of free dance workshops and performances for the Wellington community to engage with and participate in.

From 10.20am to 4pm the public are welcome to come and experience dance from all around the world. The line-up includes performances by Wellington Batucada, Mudra Dance Company, Salsa Magic, Tangata Circus Company; dance films; and family friendly workshops ranging from Bulgarian folk dance to Scottish ceilidh, Spanish Flamenco to swing dance and much more.

YET Trustees say: “In the last decade our emphasis has been on representing not only a diversity of dance styles but also reflecting Wellington’s cultural diversity. The opportunity to participate in dance has historically been within social and cultural circles, often behind closed doors in studios, or at events focused on a particular style of dance. IDD brings dance out into the public arena where it truly is for everybody to join in, to share, to feel welcome, to express themselves through movement.”

The 2019 event saw over 1,500 people through Te Papa’s doors participating in a diverse range of dance workshops and performances. To celebrate their 20th anniversary YET are eager to see this grow and with a bold programme of activity encourage everyone to share in the joy of dance. IDD performer and regular tutor, Lala Simpson says, “Dancing together as a community is a very powerful way to remind us that we are all part of each other, and we are not that different after all. That creating something beautiful together is a real privilege.”

YET is made up of a group of local volunteers who have been producing this free community event since 2000. Their mission is to bring together the culturally and creatively diverse Wellington community to share, learn and celebrate in dance.

International Dance Day
26 April 2020, 10.20am – 4.00pm at Te Papa, Wellington
Free event

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