The truth about Dance Day 


  Here is the truth about Dance Day (DD in short) by the official organization for Dance, the International Dance Council CID. 

1.  Some call it International Dance Day or World Dance Day but Dance Day is most common – just like Mother’s Day. 

2.  DD is not related to any particular choreographer or any particular form of dance – this makes its strength. 

3.  DD does not belong to any organization or any person. CID only monitors events and promotes DD but does not claim any rights, although it established it together with other organizations in 1982. 

4.  DD is for all forms of dance – there is no reason to have Tango Day or Ballet Day or … 

5.  DD is on 29 April for all countries of the world, this is its beauty – there can be no national Dance Day. 

6.  Everyone is free to celebrate DD in his/her own way – it is not limited to dance professionals. 

7.  All are equal in celebrating. Ignore attempts to play a leading role or claim rights on DD.