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„Early Dance Dictionary”

18th, 21st, 28th April 2021

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The „Early Dance Dictionary” is a new film series of the Cracovia Danza Ballet, presenting in an interesting and accessible way the forms of early dances, especially the baroque ones. In several-minute episodes, original choreographies, written in historical treatises, are presented. The dances performed by the dancers of the Cracovia Danza Ballet are accompanied by a substantive commentary by Romana Agnel, a choreographer and early dance specialist. The first 3 episodes of the series: Bourée, Forlana and Gavotte will be available on the YouTube channel and on the ballet’s Facebook channel on April 14th, 21st and 28th.

„Noverre en action”

29th April 2021

Polish Royal Opera, Warsaw

What would the history of ballet at the Polish court of Stanisław August have been like if the king had taken advantage of Noverre’s offer when he offered him his services? It is not known. However, we are glad that the ideas of this outstanding master are reflected for the second time in the Stanisławowski Theater in Łazienki Królewskie in Warsaw. The ballet was presented for the first time at the IN TEMPORE REGUM Festival. Music of the Time of Kings in September 2020.

„The first beginnings of the ballet – at the Hetman Opera House”

29th April 2021

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The performance, choreographed by Romana Agnel and Dariusz Brojek, takes the audience on a journey to 18th-century Białystok, to the Branicki court, where ballet art flourished. The performance not only shows the establishment of the first Polish ballet schools and ensembles, but also reveals the secrets of contemporary education. And by presenting original choreographies of European ballet from the first half of the 18th century (by French choreographer Louis Pecourt), as well as an appropriate selection of music and dances, it shows what repertoire could be performed in the Branicki opera house.

„A nobleman all the way”

3rd May 2021

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Online premiere of the next episode of the “Krakow painted with dance” series. ” A nobleman all the way” presents the dance and culture of the former Polish nobility. Leszek Rembowski – a dancer, choreographer, lecturer, tells about old Polish dances, which are unique on a European scale, and the dancers of the Cracovia Danza Ballet present typical dance forms, such as polonaise or mazur, which are the showpieces of Sarmatian Poland. The “Krakow painted with dance” series is the film version of the 21st Court Dance Festival, which took place in Krakow in 2020.

Happening „Cracovia Danza: ballet in the city”

8th May 2021, Krakow – city space

For several years now, the Cracovia Danza Ballet has performed with great success in the city space of Krakow, surprising passers-by, residents and tourists in places such as city squares, the Market Square, but also the main station as well as the airport. The ensemble’s performance as part of the celebration of the International Dance Day will be a kind of gift for the city’s residents who want to experience live art. The dancers will present a program of baroque dances.