1.   Date and time of the event   – 29 April, 17:00 (= 5pm)
2.  Venue: Full address, hints on how to go there – street in front of the house of each dancer
3.  Title of event – “We love to dance, we set an example”
4.  Organizer – Danza Mundial e.V.
5.  Participants – all dancers from everywhere in the world
6.  Description-Program – each dancer performs the dance “Rhythm in my feet” in front of his house.
7.  Contact details: Telephone, email, website, postal address – Telephone: 0049-89-348787, E-mail: korinna@korinna.de   (this is my private E-mail for the moment), website: https://danzamundial.com  , postal address: Danza Mundial e.V., Menzelstr. 2, 81679 Munich, Germany
Province / District


We have started a new project for dancers and dance students from all over the world, and it would be great if all the dancers that you know and have contact with could also participate. We simply want to set an example that even now dance gives joy, and that all dancers worldwide are a big family in dance.


Best wishes,
Danza Mundial e.V.



Dimension streaming by Dance Theater Heidelberg

Germany, Baden-Württemberg



Date and time of the event

29.04.2020 18h (CET) for 24hours


Venue: Full address, hints on how to go there

Online, at the homepage of our theatre https://www.theaterheidelberg.de/


Title of event

Dance Theatre Heidelberg presents the full piece »Dimension« online



Theater und Orchester Heidelberg



Choreography and Direction by Iván Pérez

Music Dirk P. Haubrich

Stage and light installation Yoko Seyama

Costumes Carlijn Petermeijer

Light Ralph Schanz

Choreographic assistant to Leonardo Rodrigues

Dramaturgy Jenny Mahla

Dramatic assistant to Sara Dirks

Production manager Svea Herrmann

Dance pedagogy Gaëlle Morello

Dancers: Inés Belda Nácher | Alessandro Galati | Marc Galvez | Samuel Gilovitz | Yi-Wei Lo | Orla McCarthy | Andrea Muelas Blanco | Leon Poulton | Kuan-Ying Su | Jacqueline Trapp | Arno Brys





On the International Dance Day 2020 the full performance of »Dimension« with Dance Theatre Heidelberg will be online available from 6pm onwards here: https://www.theaterheidelberg.de/

»Dimension« is the second part of a trilogy of works that explores the millennial generation and its psyche through dance, music and visual art by artistic director Iván Pérez.


Contact details: Telephone, email, website, postal address

Dance Theatre Heidelberg

Artistic Director Iván Pérez  ivan.perez@heidelberg.de +49 15737531772

Management Eva Bergdolt Eva-Maria.Bergdolt@Heidelberg.de +49 6221 5835445


Dance Theatre Heidelberg

Theaterstraße 10

69117 Heidelberg, Germany